Book: Essential Anatomy For Healing & Martial Arts

Essential Anatomy For Healing & Martial Arts has a rather self-explanatory title. Both Western and Eastern views on how a human body works are introduced, but the largest portion of the book is dedicated to meridians and acupoint charts. In the end there are some healing and martial applications on using acupoints accompanied with all the necessary warnings.


Book: Essential Anatomy For Healing & Martial Arts
Author: Marc Tedeschi
Print year: 2000
Publisher: Weatherhill, New York & Tokyo

Extra info: ”Notice of liability: The information in this book is distributed without warranty. All information and techniques are to be used at the reader’s sole discretion.”

Nekomata’s thoughts on the book

The book attempts to ”simplify responsibly” the complex concepts explained in it, and I think it does the job pretty well. There are lots of illustrations to help you visualise what is underneath the skin and to locate the acupoints listed.

”….superiority in martial techniques comes from an intimate knowledge of the human body.”

No-one can become a doctor by reading a book, and the same goes for becoming an acupoint healer or a pressure point fighter. But reading this book can help you understand what happens within yourself and your training partners. If, for example, you participated in a beginner shiatsu class or got nauseous after intese yonkyo training in aikido and you became curious about the underlying principles, go ahead and browse this book. Also, for those interested in learning more, the book has a list of”further reading” at the end.


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